When Aha Education meets WTOIP

Thanks to the arrangement of CP Startup, we were invited in a private meeting with two delegations from Boao Zongheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. (博鳌纵横网络科技有限公司), Mr Edmont Rao(饶学谦先生), the vice president and Ms. Joanna Sapulak (苏静云女士) the senior manager of international business development.

Through one-hour conversation, we exchanged ideas and introduced business and offerings from each side. Aha Education Sagl was invited to visit Guangzhou city in the south of China to give presentation to local institutes and attend China International Import Expo in November.

During the meeting, Dr. Jingjing Lin from Aha Education Sagl was presenting the project of Programship, which is a web platform that aims to connect European institutes and Chinese students.

In 2017, Chinese studying abroad reached 608,400. European countries are on their top choices of overseas education destinations. Now Europe has 51 countries and a total of 2,436 universities that are offering higher education degree programs. Programship is a match-making platform that connects these two big groups of users to make sure their communication online is direct, efficient, and cost-effective.

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