Programship.com has the following functionalities.

Admission Information

Exchange of admission information and application requirement.

Prepare Applications

Prospective students are well-supported by the defined-process and practical tools to prepare their applications.

Direct Messages

Direct messaging between students and program managers.

Trial Application

Program managers provide feedback to the student's qualification based on his/her profile.

Quick Notes

Take notes to recall important information during the process of application.

Prepare Supporting Documents

Tool to prepare required supporting documents such as CV, personal statement, recommendation letter, or motivation letter, etc.


Programship helps the following types of users.


No matter where your university/school is, if you have programs that wants to recruit international students, Programship will be your ideal choice.

Degree Program Promoter

If you are managing or promoting some degree programs for your university, you are welcome to list them on Programship.

International Applicants

If you are seeking overseas education opportunities and want direct contacts and opinions from your target programs, Programship is your gateway.


Milestones along our growth.

January, 2015
Initial idea
The "big bang" of Programship as a business idea.
September 2017
First prototype
The first version of Programship platform was launched online.
October 2017
CEE exhibition
Programship attended China Education Expo 2017.
November - December 2017
Competed in StartCup
Programship was selected as one of the top ten Swiss startups into the semi-final.
October 3, 2018
Second version of platform is launched
Programship went through a full year of second development based on the feedback collected from the first version.
September - November 2018
Promotion to European universities
Programship is recruiting the European education providers to get on board.
November 2018 to January 2019
Promotion to Chinese universities
Programship is promoting to Chinese universities and their students.


Roadshow of Programship in China's universities.