ovcose.com has the following functionalities.

Online courses

Allow creating online courses to deliver trainings.

Direct messaging

Allow private messaging between users.

Reminder of activities

Subscribe to get reminded of various activities on the platform.

Pay with Paypal

For paid courses, users pay with Paypal online.

Promote local business
Promote local business in Switzerland with eLearning solutions.
Enhance events' delivery

Enable event organizers to have online classroom to post, share contents and interact with participants.


ovcose.com helps the following types of users.

Universities and Schools

Provide online space for their knowledge sharing.

Business owners

Help them build eLearning courses for training or marketing purposes.

Event managers/hosts

Help them create online classroom for events.

Individual online learners

Allow them to access to various education offerings in the format of online courses.

Individual experts

Allow experts to share knowledge and skills in the format of online courses.