On 28 September 2017, the Intermediate Event of the Cantonal Accelerator, the coaching program for selected projects within the StartCup Ticino, at the Auditorium Suglio in Manno, was held to discuss the progress of the acceleration program.

The 25 teams have met with organizers on developing their own idea and on the contents of the accelerator, emphasizing how the valuable contribution received by their coaches “will be useful not only for the selection of StartCup Ticino but above all for the continuation and success of the” whole business project “commented one of the participants. The coaching program is in fact an important investment for tomorrow’s companies who develop their idea in Ticino.

During the event, the coach and team were freely confronted with the most important aspects of the acceleration path. “The presence of professionals and experts in the field has allowed us to identify areas of improvement in our project that we would not be able to detect,” said Stefano D’Albora, promoter of Playtrip project on the acceleration path. “An external point of view has certainly helped us improve our presentation skills,” added Eliana Esposito, part of the Arca24.com team.

At the beginning of the event hosted Luca Boschin, CEO of LogoGrab, a company specializing in the recognition of logos and images today located in Dublin and New York but who started his own adventure in Lugano with the support of CP Start -Up. One of the issues most discussed and underscored by the CEO of LogoGrab is how passion for their work and the ability to self-criticize and confront with the outside are the first prerequisite for a successful project.

The next steps of the Ticino Start-Cup

The Canton Accelerator will end on October 26, 2017, after which the 10 semifinalists of StartCup Ticino 2017 will be selected and will be evaluated by the National Jury to identify the 5 startups that will enter the final event of December 6, 2017. The 5 finalists will have the opportunity to participate in the third edition of the Swiss Venture Day Ticino where they will present their project to potential investors.

Source of information: http://www.agire.ch/2017/10/03/startcup-ticino-2017-al-giro-di-boa-lacceleratore-cantonale-si-conferma-un-successo/

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