IPATHs.ch has the following functionalities.

Share events

Post events such as seminar, workshops, conferences etc. to share with the community.

Share Projects

Posting projects to invite collaborations internationally.

Share news and status

Post about anything in the format of a blog post.

Share survey

Post surveys to get feedback from the community and discuss over commenting.

Use social accounts to log in
Besides using email, you can also use google, facebook or linkedin account to login.
Have a personal page
Build up your personal page in the comunity of tourism and hospitality.


IPATHs helps the following types of users.


If you are doing research in the field of tourism and hospitality, IPATHs is a good community for you to interact with others.

Industry practitioners

If you work in the field related to tourism and hospitality, IPATHs offers you the space to build up contacts and get knowledge upgraded.