There are four levels of websites that are serving the purpose of academic mobility, which from the small scale to large scale include: University level, National level, Regional/Continental level, and International level. The university level of websites are usually present in the official websites of universities, which will not be listed here. So here we are going to list you three levels of websites which serve the purpose of enhancing the online information and communication in the topic of academic mobility.

National level

It is a portal of education choices in the country level.

European countries

  1. Study in Germany:
  2. Study in France:
  3. Study in Switzerland:
  4. Study in UK: 
  5. Study in UK:
  6. Study in UK:
  7. Study in UK:
  8. Study in UK:
  9. Study in Italy:
  10. Study in Spain:
  11. Study in Portugal:
  12. Study in Denmark:
  13. Study in Norway:
  14. Study in Finland:
  15. Study in Sweden:
  16. Study in Sweden:
  17. Study in Ireland:
  18. Study in Poland:
  19. Study in Poland:
  20. Study in Austria:
  21. Study in Austria:
  22. Study in Romania:
  23. Study in Romania:
  24. Study in Greece:
  25. Study in Greece:
  26. Study in Belarus:
  27. Study in Belarus:
  28. Study in Ukraine:
  29. Study in Ukraine:
  30. Study in Ukraine:
  31. Study in Iceland:
  32. Study in Belgium:
  33. Study in Belgium:
  34. Study in Croatia:
  35. Study in Cyprus:
  36. Study in Czech Republic:
  37. Study in Estonia:
  38. Study in Georgia:
  39. Study in Georgia:
  40. Study in Hungary:
  41. Study in Kosovo:
  42. Study in Latvia:
  43. Study in Lithuania:
  44. Study in Luxembourg:
  45. Study in Holland:
  46. Study in Russia:
  47. Study in Serbia:
  48. Study in Slovakia:
  49. Study in Turkey:


North American countries

Oceanian countries

Regional/Continental level

It is a portal of education choices in the regional/continental level.


  1. Study. eu:
  3. Erasmus+: (Erasmus+ is the European Union’s programme that supports projects, partnerships, events and mobility in the areas of education, training, youth and sport. Erasmus+ programme covers the period 2014-2020.)
  4. Study in Europe:
  5. European University Network:

North America

  1. Apply Board:
  2. Universities in the USA & Canada:

South East Asia (ASEAN)

  1. ASEAN University Network:

International level

It is a portal of education choices in the world-wide level, which is not geographically restricted to certain areas.

Aggregator websites

  1. Programship:
  2. Studyabroad:
  3. Educations:
  4. TimesHigherEducation:
  5. Masterstudies:, in the same family it includes:
  6. Find masters:
  7. Top Universities:
  8. MasterPortal:
  9. StudyLink:
  10. Eduniversal-ranking:
  11. International Graduate:
  12. Study Without Borders:
  13. Study Abroad 101: (study abroad reviews)
  14. Go Overseas: (every program real reviews)
  15. Postgrad:
  16. Hot Courses Abroad:
  17. Find a PhD:
  18. Best Masters:
  19. Study Overseas:
  20. IES Abroad:
  21. Diversity Abroad:
  22. CEA study abroad:
  23. CIEE college study abroad:
  24. ApplySquare (申请方): (in Chinese only)
  25. IvySpace: (match personal consultants/tutors and applicants)
  26. Niuschools (老查留学): (in Chinese only)

Cross-Region Foundation websites

  1. Asia-Europe Foundation:
  2. ASEAN Foundation:

Ranking-related websites

  1. TimesHigherEducation:
  2. Top Universities:
  3. Eduniversal Ranking: (ranking of business schools)
  4. Best Masters: (ranking of masters and MBAs)

Scholarships websites

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