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It is exciting to know that the biggest swiss education portal grows interest in our project This October, we will meet their staff in Bern to develop a mutual understanding and discuss a possible collaboration in the future.

Swissuniversities (Nomenclature: swᴉssunᴉversᴉtᴉes), the Rectors ‘Conference of the Swiss Universities, is a Swiss association in which the three former Rectors’ Conferences CRUS (Universities), KFH (Universities of Applied Sciences) and COHEP (Universities of Education) have been brought together. It started operations on 1 January 2015. The main task of this association is the deepening and further development of cooperation among the Swiss universities. Externally, the Swiss Higher Education Area can speak with one voice. Furthermore, the association carries out coordination tasks and acts at the international level as a national rectors’ conference for the entirety of the universities, colleges and universities of teacher education in Switzerland.

Within one-month beta launch this year, Programship has earned institutions’ affection in Europe. In May 2018, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice has signed a three-year agreement with Aha Education to train their Erasmus students in the future. Media started exposing Programship, including Startupticker, RSI Rete Uno, Ticino Management Magazine, Investiere and Crunchbase. The project has met Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Swiss Business Hub China, and StartCup with a result of very fruitful and promising feedback.

We sincerely look forward to this coming meetup with


Aha Education meets USI: support the field project for master students

Aha Education has been accepted as one collaborating firm in Switzerland for Universita della svizzera italiana to support their field project program for master students. The Field Project consists in a consultancy study on behalf of a firm, conducted by a group of USI Masters’ students under the supervision of a professor (“tutor”) of the specific Master for a standard duration of 3 months.

The students who opt to work for Aha Education will work in the project of It is a Swiss match-making web platform serving in the field of academic mobility to connect international academic programs’ promoters and the prospective international students by offering a variety of tools to enhance their online exchanges of information and communication.

Programship aims to have a final report including the following sections:

  • User expectation
  • Usability inspection
  • Usability testing
  • Suggestions on improvement

Students are expected to:

  • conduct user expectation research by interviewing/surveying program recruiters from European educational institutions via online media;
  • conduct usability inspection as “experts” to discover and report problems of the existing user interface of the platform for both student user account and recruiter user account;
  • conduct usability testing by recruiting a group of student users and a group of program recruiters; and
  • propose advices on how to improve the existing user experience design.

When Aha Education meets WTOIP

Thanks to the arrangement of CP Startup, we were invited in a private meeting with two delegations from Boao Zongheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. (博鳌纵横网络科技有限公司), Mr Edmont Rao(饶学谦先生), the vice president and Ms. Joanna Sapulak (苏静云女士) the senior manager of international business development.

Through one-hour conversation, we exchanged ideas and introduced business and offerings from each side. Aha Education Sagl was invited to visit Guangzhou city in the south of China to give presentation to local institutes and attend China International Import Expo in November.

During the meeting, Dr. Jingjing Lin from Aha Education Sagl was presenting the project of Programship, which is a web platform that aims to connect European institutes and Chinese students.

In 2017, Chinese studying abroad reached 608,400. European countries are on their top choices of overseas education destinations. Now Europe has 51 countries and a total of 2,436 universities that are offering higher education degree programs. Programship is a match-making platform that connects these two big groups of users to make sure their communication online is direct, efficient, and cost-effective.

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Invited as guest to a local business event: Eveno Cina

On June 7, Dr. Jingjing Lin from Aha Education was invited to attend a local event to enhance Swiss business collaboration with Shenzhen and Shanghai.


  • Marco Arrighini, from Euler Hermes
  • Mirko Audermars, from Audermars SA
  • Marco Borradori, from Sindaco di Lugano
  • Alex Chung, from City of Lugano
  • Chiara Crivelli, from Cc-Ti
  • Emanuela Falcone, from CRIF
  • Wu Jingchun, from Ambasciata cinese a Berna
  • Damian Kunzi, from Credit Suisse SA
  • Emanuele Mastrongiacomo, from Euler Hermes
  • Valentina Rossi, from Cc-Ti
  • Daniela Tontini, from CRIF
  • Mingya Ye, from Swiss Business Hub China

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When Aha Education meets SFIVET

Today we were honored to be invited to give an 8-minute presentation to members of the Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (http://SFIVET.SWISS) at CP-Startup in Lugano, Switzerland.

The CEO of Aha Education, Dr. Jingjing Lin, was sharing the two ongoing projects that are highly related to educational services. They are and The presentation is available in the audio format as displayed below.


Programship entered the ten semifinalists of StartCup2017

The three-month coaching program organized as part of the StartCup Ticino competition has ended. The CP Start-Up expert team has selected ten semifinalist to contend the final prize on 5.12.2017. The top five winners will be awarded accordingly. Following the award ceremony, the selected five finalists will be invited to attend the 3rd Swiss Venture Day Ticino on 6.12.2017.

StartCup Ticino is a competition for new and innovative business ideas or projects conceived or realized in the Canton Ticino. After the coaching program that allowed 25 selected startups to be trained and followed by expert coaches for 3 months the Centro Promozione Start-up selected the 10 semifinalist of the Start-Cup Ticino 2017. The 10 startups will now attend a pitch training event that will prepare them for the final pitch to the National Jury. The award ceremony takes place on 6 December in Lugano.

The 10 semifinalist selected are:

Clemap – Provides utility companies with detailed information regarding the electricity consumption of their customers. Real-time data can be used to improve grid efficiency, enable energy forecasting and support the development of future products. The CLEMAP sensor and app provide private households and small and medium-sized businesses with information on the electricity costs for each individual appliance.

Dicronis – develops innovative diagnostics for diseases with a high unmet medical need. Its first proprietary product in the pipeline, Lymphit, allows for the first time the tracking of the lymphatic function directly from home, in a simple, cost-effective and highly scalable manner.

Programship – platformwas established to simplify the life of the Chinese students who aim to apply overseas. Using a free Student accounts students have the opportunity to search for programs, browse detailed admission information with application guidelines, and bookmarking everything in one profile. Additionally, affiliated institutes will access to a massive audience of over 40 million Chinese students.

Swissponic – Swissponic developed a fully automated growing system to allow people to grow crops in a basement or rooftop. The easy-to-use cultivation system has been designed to fit into most convenient spaces at home, typically in the basement or on the rooftop. The system is made by a hydroponic structure for the plants, a control box for the environment regulation, an application for the culture management and a cloud portal for access to community, marketplace and online management.

EcoFire GG77 – a flame retardant, non-toxic, based on natural substances and is compatible with current safety, environmental and health standards. It acts by inhibiting the inflow of oxygen to the flame, resulting in the reduction of the temperature and the emission of smoke during combustion.

EXEAD – Is developing oral vaccines for the prevention of gastrointestinal infectious diseases. The EXEAD’s ApyVax technology is a plug-and- play platform that enables the long-term activation of protective immune responses in the intestine with oral vaccines. It consists of a nonvirulent Salmonella to deliver a strong activator of the local immune response together with a vaccine for a selected infectious agent. Thanks to its flexibility, the ApyVax technology can be readily adapted to target a wide range of infectious microorganisms.

NextPark –enables car-park owners to put their unused car-park spaces on the market and car drivers to easily find them through a mobile application. The whole process is enriched by battery operated IoT sensors delivered to owners on gratuity loan. The effective status will be automatically updated in real-time, helping users with the management and the monitoring, without any effort and without being effectively there.

BigOmics – the startup is developing a cloud analytics platform for big data in next-generation genomics field. With its seolution, the startup aims to democratize omics data analysis in Life Science creating a governed self-service analytics platform to obtain results “10x faster and 100x smarter”. Such a platform will allow biologists to analyse the data themselves, and accelerate the discovery process from months to days.

Blockchain Health Record – The startup project takes advantage of the blockchain technology to reinvent the way patients interact with heath care providers and strengthen their control over their own private information. The blockchain technology allows to create an immutable identity for each party involved in the health care industry, giving the startup the possibility to keep track of every medical record created between two parties.

Modula – based on 7 years of research, Modula is developing a solution that allows for diagnosing vector-borne diseases with accuracy, at point of care. Affected individuals will be tested with a high-quality assay and receive a report in 1 hours’ time. This way antibiotic treatment, whenever needed, can be immediately targeted at specific bacteria species and strains, thus enabling complete disease eradication).

The 5 winners will attend the 3rd Swiss Venture Day Ticino on Thursday, 6.12.2017. In cooperation with Swiss Startup INVEST 5-10 innovative Swiss High Tech start-up’s from Ticino will make a regular or a short pitch.

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Programship Becomes an Exhibitor of CEE2017

Fabulous news! is officially going to China Education Expo 2017, which takes place between October 21 and 22, 2017 in Beijing, China.

You can find us on the exhibitor list of this event. Our booth number is F18.

We are going to meet over 400 universities/schools at the expo and distribute brochures to both exhibitors and students during this event. The event offers us a precious opportunity to get feedback from our potential users, and based on them we can improve the user experiences and our services in general in the future.

With support of education practitioners, China Annual Conference for International Education & Expo (CACIE) has been organized by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) since 2000, up until now, 17 conferences have been successfully convened.

We believe that such event will help boost up the visibility of our brand and service, as well as recruiting early adopters of our brand new platform: is one of our key services in Aha Education Sagl. is a social innovation project with the mission to serve as the first multilingual database of global educational programs, providing detailed admission information and application guideline for free, to support Chinese applicants in pursuing overseas education. Programship serves three types of public users: universities, translation providers, and prospective students in China.You can read the general description of it here and directly visit the website to get more information.

Check us in the CEE2017 exhibitionor list.


Programship in the Intermediate Event of the Cantonal Accelerator

On 28 September 2017, the Intermediate Event of the Cantonal Accelerator, the coaching program for selected projects within the StartCup Ticino, at the Auditorium Suglio in Manno, was held to discuss the progress of the acceleration program.

The 25 teams have met with organizers on developing their own idea and on the contents of the accelerator, emphasizing how the valuable contribution received by their coaches “will be useful not only for the selection of StartCup Ticino but above all for the continuation and success of the” whole business project “commented one of the participants. The coaching program is in fact an important investment for tomorrow’s companies who develop their idea in Ticino.

During the event, the coach and team were freely confronted with the most important aspects of the acceleration path. “The presence of professionals and experts in the field has allowed us to identify areas of improvement in our project that we would not be able to detect,” said Stefano D’Albora, promoter of Playtrip project on the acceleration path. “An external point of view has certainly helped us improve our presentation skills,” added Eliana Esposito, part of the team.

At the beginning of the event hosted Luca Boschin, CEO of LogoGrab, a company specializing in the recognition of logos and images today located in Dublin and New York but who started his own adventure in Lugano with the support of CP Start -Up. One of the issues most discussed and underscored by the CEO of LogoGrab is how passion for their work and the ability to self-criticize and confront with the outside are the first prerequisite for a successful project.

The next steps of the Ticino Start-Cup

The Canton Accelerator will end on October 26, 2017, after which the 10 semifinalists of StartCup Ticino 2017 will be selected and will be evaluated by the National Jury to identify the 5 startups that will enter the final event of December 6, 2017. The 5 finalists will have the opportunity to participate in the third edition of the Swiss Venture Day Ticino where they will present their project to potential investors.

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