Aha Education wants to create surprises in the world. It wants to focus on social innovations to offer new ways to solve problems with the help of web technologies. It is a company that provide platform economy models to its customers and work on both b2b and b2c levels. At present, our particular interest lies in the field of academic mobility communications between Europe and China using the development and application of Web technologies. 


Aha Education Sagl is a Swiss company registered in Giubiasco, Ticino, Switzerland. We have our headquarter office in Lugano, Switzerland, right under the incubation of CP Startup incubation center.


Aha Education's key productions at present include programship.com and ovcose.com. Programship.com is a web application that allows prospective international students to connect with education program recruiters. It also serves as an application preparation aid for students who are planning to go abroad and study. Ovcose.com is a online teaching and learning platform that allows the creation and delivery of online courses and webinars. It in particular initiated Platonic Academy of PhDs, which is dedicated to peer-support of the PhD students. It provides the space to allow PhD students to help each other, guide each other, let senior PhDs help junior PhDs, let peer teach each other. We are a family and we need to help each other to be a better union of scientists in the future.


We are a team of faith and passion. A combination of idealists and realists. We are dedicated to the connection and communication between the Europe and China.


Our platform will benefit the university-to-university communication, as well as university-to-student/alumni communication between the Europe and China. In the coming few years, Aha Education will help to organize events and activities to realize this goal. And its core service Programship.com will become one popular online communication portal for Chinese to apply for European universities and European universities to recruit Chinese students.