Programship entered the ten semifinalists of StartCup2017

The three-month coaching program organized as part of the StartCup Ticino competition has ended. The CP Start-Up expert team has selected ten semifinalist to contend the final prize on 5.12.2017. The top five winners will be awarded accordingly. Following the award ceremony, the selected five finalists will be invited to attend the 3rd Swiss Venture Day Ticino on 6.12.2017.

StartCup Ticino is a competition for new and innovative business ideas or projects conceived or realized in the Canton Ticino. After the coaching program that allowed 25 selected startups to be trained and followed by expert coaches for 3 months the Centro Promozione Start-up selected the 10 semifinalist of the Start-Cup Ticino 2017. The 10 startups will now attend a pitch training event that will prepare them for the final pitch to the National Jury. The award ceremony takes place on 6 December in Lugano.

The 10 semifinalist selected are:

Clemap – Provides utility companies with detailed information regarding the electricity consumption of their customers. Real-time data can be used to improve grid efficiency, enable energy forecasting and support the development of future products. The CLEMAP sensor and app provide private households and small and medium-sized businesses with information on the electricity costs for each individual appliance.

Dicronis – develops innovative diagnostics for diseases with a high unmet medical need. Its first proprietary product in the pipeline, Lymphit, allows for the first time the tracking of the lymphatic function directly from home, in a simple, cost-effective and highly scalable manner.

Programship – platformwas established to simplify the life of the Chinese students who aim to apply overseas. Using a free Student accounts students have the opportunity to search for programs, browse detailed admission information with application guidelines, and bookmarking everything in one profile. Additionally, affiliated institutes will access to a massive audience of over 40 million Chinese students.

Swissponic – Swissponic developed a fully automated growing system to allow people to grow crops in a basement or rooftop. The easy-to-use cultivation system has been designed to fit into most convenient spaces at home, typically in the basement or on the rooftop. The system is made by a hydroponic structure for the plants, a control box for the environment regulation, an application for the culture management and a cloud portal for access to community, marketplace and online management.

EcoFire GG77 – a flame retardant, non-toxic, based on natural substances and is compatible with current safety, environmental and health standards. It acts by inhibiting the inflow of oxygen to the flame, resulting in the reduction of the temperature and the emission of smoke during combustion.

EXEAD – Is developing oral vaccines for the prevention of gastrointestinal infectious diseases. The EXEAD’s ApyVax technology is a plug-and- play platform that enables the long-term activation of protective immune responses in the intestine with oral vaccines. It consists of a nonvirulent Salmonella to deliver a strong activator of the local immune response together with a vaccine for a selected infectious agent. Thanks to its flexibility, the ApyVax technology can be readily adapted to target a wide range of infectious microorganisms.

NextPark –enables car-park owners to put their unused car-park spaces on the market and car drivers to easily find them through a mobile application. The whole process is enriched by battery operated IoT sensors delivered to owners on gratuity loan. The effective status will be automatically updated in real-time, helping users with the management and the monitoring, without any effort and without being effectively there.

BigOmics – the startup is developing a cloud analytics platform for big data in next-generation genomics field. With its seolution, the startup aims to democratize omics data analysis in Life Science creating a governed self-service analytics platform to obtain results “10x faster and 100x smarter”. Such a platform will allow biologists to analyse the data themselves, and accelerate the discovery process from months to days.

Blockchain Health Record – The startup project takes advantage of the blockchain technology to reinvent the way patients interact with heath care providers and strengthen their control over their own private information. The blockchain technology allows to create an immutable identity for each party involved in the health care industry, giving the startup the possibility to keep track of every medical record created between two parties.

Modula – based on 7 years of research, Modula is developing a solution that allows for diagnosing vector-borne diseases with accuracy, at point of care. Affected individuals will be tested with a high-quality assay and receive a report in 1 hours’ time. This way antibiotic treatment, whenever needed, can be immediately targeted at specific bacteria species and strains, thus enabling complete disease eradication).

The 5 winners will attend the 3rd Swiss Venture Day Ticino on Thursday, 6.12.2017. In cooperation with Swiss Startup INVEST 5-10 innovative Swiss High Tech start-up’s from Ticino will make a regular or a short pitch.

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Two Simple Terms That Will Help You Achieve What You Truly Want

Programship – Top Ten SwissCup Project

Congratulations and high five to Programship as a startup projects, being evaluated as one of the Top Ten Startup Projects that holds its position in the final pitching of the December 6 event of Swiss StartCup 2017 competition.

What Made You Go On?

When we look back in our process of producing Programship, we often saw the team at the dinner table, in the living room, on the grey sofa, or on the train to another city. The steps to build up a startup that is worthy of attention is never an easy job. The even more difficult part is the overwhelming workload from the startup when you are still working full-time at your daily job!

We got asked several times by people: “What keep you guys going?”

“We love it. ”

“You love it?” The person frowned, “Come on, be generous. Seriously, what made you go on?”

“We believe it.”

We are not joking. Love or belief may sound a broad term for you to actually buy our sayings. Because we are pretty sure that a lot of people are expecting more practical tips, which can pave a road for them to follow. But if you understand what these two terms embrace, you will show me your “Aha” face.


The love towards a project, a startup, cannot be bought. It is quite common sense, isn’t it? But if you survey or interview people who are working as employees in the world “Do you love what you are doing?”,  most of them will awkwardly nod, or bitterly shake head, or remain silent pondering on the question. Very rare that the job is a match for the person who is doing it.

But why? One, when people are being interviewed for a job they often oversell to compete. Two, continuous promotions will eventually made a preson sit in the position that does not suit him anymore.

So, let’s face the brutal fact that when you try very hard to fit in, you only end up being an unhappy person, who yourself do not recognize anymore. Break it free!

Startups, like any hobby, allow people to play with their dreams, their true desires, their real passions. They often start with a “TRUE LOVE” to experiment, fail, experiment, fail, on and on, till they taste the sweet success.

I cannot help comparing having fun with a startup to having fun with writing a book, in the case of myself. My mom joked that even the person selling curtains earns much more than a writer. God knows that this is not exaggerating. But why do I still stay late or get up early to type on my laptop and forget the whole world and even myself?

Because I love it.

Even nobody is paying for what I am offering, I simply feel amazing to do what I am doing. Even there are so many critics about what I am offering, I just cannot give up what I have to do – no matter it is a startup project or a book. The reason to not stop doing it is very simple – it is a feeling that this creation brings to me, regardless the feelings of another existence. Full stop.

In general, opting for doing something you love can make a profound difference in future. Most of the common tasks are being done by machines. We have less and less utility as human beings. For this reason what we love is more important than anything else. Only when you love something you can perfect it to the best of your capabilities. and perhaps do it better than the machine, for a while. we spend every day 8 to 12 hours working if you do something you hate, but you do it for the money, that can lead to illness. so, following your dreams is not only a happy but also a healthy choice.


Besides Love, Belief is the most valuable thing inside human beings, which allow them to approach the perfection. When you believe, you can achieve. It might sound cheesy. But it is true.

Believe in three things:

  • Yourself
  • Your teammates
  • The  meaning behind such effort

Believe that you are the right person to do what you are doing. That is why the seed of that idea fell in your brain (instead of others’) and grew like plants in your body, your mind, and your blood. Believe you are capable of learning how to do things, how to solve problems, how to convince, and how to persuade. Anything you need to realize your passion and love, you are capable of having it. Believe that deeply, without a doubt. Sometimes, the resources may come in another way unexpectedly. But they come and that is important to you.

Believe that your teammates will do their jobs, and complimenting you like pieces binding each other in a puzzle box. But before believing so, carefully select who to be your teammates. Because you need some persons, who are:

  • trustworthy
  • with a mutual love of each other
  • capable of achieving things
  • of shared visions
  • ethical

Yep, selecting teammates is like picking life partners sometimes. Do it with your eyes wide open. Once your selection is done, and they are willing to work with you days and nights without thinking about money or paybacks, it is time to believe them blindly. You just go on doing your part and leave the rest to your teammates.

Third, believe in the meaning behind such efforts of you and your teammates. If you work simply for money and nothing else, you probably need to dig deeper. Because money as a measurement of happiness is shortsighted. Many people find motivation from more meaningful sources and the money is there only to support their activity. For example, Programship aims to bridge global education programs and international students who are ambitious and passionate to study abroad. The meaning of our efforts is to achieve a great communication between education providers and education consumers. So keep this on your mind, thus when the hard time comes, because of the deep grounding to your meaningful belief, you will never stay on the muddy ground for long but will always raise from your knees and fight back on your feet.

Some Take-Aways

At the end of this article, I would like to share with you some practical tips – finally – for you to take away:

  1. The reason to not stop doing it is very simple – it is a feeling that this creation brings to me, regardless the feelings of another existence. Full stop.
  2. Believe that you are the right person to do what you are doing.
  3. Believe that your teammates will do their jobs, and compromising you like pieces binding each other in a puzzle box.
  4. Believe in the meaning behind such efforts of you and your teammates.

May God bless you to achieve whatever you want to achieve with Love and Belief.

And if you like this article, please share. Even better, register on to support our startup. 🙂