Programship Becomes an Exhibitor of CEE2017

Fabulous news! is officially going to China Education Expo 2017, which takes place between October 21 and 22, 2017 in Beijing, China.

You can find us on the exhibitor list of this event. Our booth number is F18.

We are going to meet over 400 universities/schools at the expo and distribute brochures to both exhibitors and students during this event. The event offers us a precious opportunity to get feedback from our potential users, and based on them we can improve the user experiences and our services in general in the future.

With support of education practitioners, China Annual Conference for International Education & Expo (CACIE) has been organized by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) since 2000, up until now, 17 conferences have been successfully convened.

We believe that such event will help boost up the visibility of our brand and service, as well as recruiting early adopters of our brand new platform: is one of our key services in Aha Education Sagl. is a social innovation project with the mission to serve as the first multilingual database of global educational programs, providing detailed admission information and application guideline for free, to support Chinese applicants in pursuing overseas education. Programship serves three types of public users: universities, translation providers, and prospective students in China.You can read the general description of it here and directly visit the website to get more information.

Check us in the CEE2017 exhibitionor list.


Programship in the Intermediate Event of the Cantonal Accelerator

On 28 September 2017, the Intermediate Event of the Cantonal Accelerator, the coaching program for selected projects within the StartCup Ticino, at the Auditorium Suglio in Manno, was held to discuss the progress of the acceleration program.

The 25 teams have met with organizers on developing their own idea and on the contents of the accelerator, emphasizing how the valuable contribution received by their coaches “will be useful not only for the selection of StartCup Ticino but above all for the continuation and success of the” whole business project “commented one of the participants. The coaching program is in fact an important investment for tomorrow’s companies who develop their idea in Ticino.

During the event, the coach and team were freely confronted with the most important aspects of the acceleration path. “The presence of professionals and experts in the field has allowed us to identify areas of improvement in our project that we would not be able to detect,” said Stefano D’Albora, promoter of Playtrip project on the acceleration path. “An external point of view has certainly helped us improve our presentation skills,” added Eliana Esposito, part of the team.

At the beginning of the event hosted Luca Boschin, CEO of LogoGrab, a company specializing in the recognition of logos and images today located in Dublin and New York but who started his own adventure in Lugano with the support of CP Start -Up. One of the issues most discussed and underscored by the CEO of LogoGrab is how passion for their work and the ability to self-criticize and confront with the outside are the first prerequisite for a successful project.

The next steps of the Ticino Start-Cup

The Canton Accelerator will end on October 26, 2017, after which the 10 semifinalists of StartCup Ticino 2017 will be selected and will be evaluated by the National Jury to identify the 5 startups that will enter the final event of December 6, 2017. The 5 finalists will have the opportunity to participate in the third edition of the Swiss Venture Day Ticino where they will present their project to potential investors.

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Programship Joins the First STARTCUP Ticino Accelerator Program

Startcup Ticino is ready to start the three-month acceleration program, a first of its kind in Ticino, with 25 startups selected from the first round of application. The startups will have the opportunity to share their experiences and transform the idea in a concrete business project.StartCup Ticino (link is external) is a competition for new and innovative business ideas or projects conceived or realized in the Canton Ticino. This year, the competition introduced an intensive acceleration program for the selected

StartCup Ticino is a competition for new and innovative business ideas or projects conceived or realized in the Canton Ticino. This year, the competition introduced an intensive acceleration program for the selected early-stage startups from the first round of the competition. The program aims at fostering the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Ticino.

The Jury of the program has selected 25 startups to join the program, based on the criteria of market potential, team composition, degree of innovation and the possible impact on the territory in terms of employment and investment. Upon completion of the program on 26 October, the startups will present their achievements in a pitch event. The StartCup commission will nominate ten projects to submit to the National Jury of the StartCup Ticino.

And among the 25 startups,  Programship has been listed as a social innovative platform selling global university admission information and guide to China market.

The other selected Startups include:

The selected startups for the accelerator program are:

Arca24 HR Software Solutions(link is external): a bot that automatically makes jobs interview reducing the time for recruitment

GPV Advanced Research(link is external): use art virtual modeling to describe the physics and the mechanisms of chemical reaction at process conditions.

myAlbatros:(link is external) is an app that allows users to easily find lost items. The user gives any objects a digital identity through a small code applied to the product.

Playtrip(link is external): a mobile app that provides users with a new travel experience through storytelling method.

PranzUfficio(link is external): providing healthy and fresh food for the lunch at the work place

Swissponic(link is external): an urban farming system that allows growing healthy vegetables in a little space at home

Wash My Pants(link is external): provide a transparent and extremely service that connects high skilled housekeepers and people seeking for a fast and reliable laundry service

WaterInstructor(link is external): a platform that connect water sport fans wiling to learn with other water sport fans willing to teach

NextPark: an app that automatically detect free parking spot through specific sensors

Beepro: an innovative tool for monitoring the activity of bees in a bee hive

BigOmics Analytics: a cloud analytics platform for big data in next-generation genomics field.

Blockchain Health Record: create a personal health identity using blockchain technologies

Clemap: transform energy data in value by carrying information from energy provider to the customer

COD: an intelligent knowledge sharing platform about interests, passion or expertise

Dicronis: a point-of-care lymphatic activity tracker featuring a microneedles-covered patch and a wearable detector

EcoFire GG77: an innovative and eco-friendly organic flame retardant

Emporio Paese: a platform that easily grant market access to local producers

EXEAD: new solutions for mucosal vaccines

Higher performance competition gliders

KERO: smart portable music player

Lighteye: an economic and reliable flying platform for multiple applications.

Modula. A small footprint for collecting health information and simplify diagnostics processes

Smart Water Skimmer: an automatic garbage collector for large water surfaces

Teach Me!: a cheaper and most effective tutoring system for university students

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IPATHs: Where Tourism & Hospitality People Meet

IPATH stands for Industry Practitioners and Academics in Tourism and Hospitality. It is a bridge between academia and industry in this amazingly fast-developing field to share information, exchange knowledge, upgrade skills, make contacts, and initiate collaborations.

The idea of IPATHs was initiated in September 2016 and the platform development started in November 2016. In September 2017, the beta version of the platform was released for testing and feedback from users. It is now funded by Aha Education Sagl (